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Barn-style homes becoming popular trend - LimaOhio.com

Posted on 26 November, 2017 by Anthony F. Harp
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Barn-style homes becoming popular trend - LimaOhio.com

LIMA — Barn-style homes or “bardaminiums” as they are called in the south, have a appearance of a barn on the outside with metal roofs and sides.

Once entering the homes, the barn-like appearance is gone as they have all of the amenities of any other house with living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

The difference is these homes have attached shops that are built on to the homes that provide storage areas for hobby items such as trucks, campers and boats.

Homes that look like barns are becoming a growing trend in Allen, Auglaize, Putnam and Henry counties, according to local homeowners and realtors.

Bob Trent is building a barn style home at 564 E. state Route 103 in Lima for he and his wife to live in, with the building process beginning a year ago. Plans are to have it finished in three months.

“My wife and I had sold our ranch style home 4 years ago and were living in a camper. We lived in Texas in the winter in our RV, and when we came back, camping grounds were not open in Ohio,” Trent said. That made him decide to build a barn style home to store his RV and for them to have a home again in Ohio to live in.

He learned about the home style when he saw the barn style homes while travelling in Texas where they are called “barndaminiums.”

Trent’s home is a pole barn with all-metal outside and insulation on the inside. It has a metal roof and will have four bedrooms and three bathrooms. A construction crew put up his home’s frame and he is building the home’s interior, such as the kitchen, staircase and living quarters.

The lower level will have a fireplace, kitchen, living room and dining room and an area to store the camper and provide a work space. He plans to build another building near the home to store his lawn mower to prevent gas from coming into the home.

“These are popular because they are more reasonable cost-wise to build,” Trent said.

He likes the easy access the home provides him from the inside to go outside in the closed in shop area.

The Cost

Barn-style homes are less expensive to build than other homes as homeowners pay less in taxes and less for upkeep on maintenance.

Steve Sidener, West Central Builders Association president, helped built a barn-style home for his son, Scott, at 15855 state Route 196 in Waynesfield. It took four months to build the home from July 2011, and Scott moved in February 2012. The home has two bedrooms and one bath with a laundry room and office area. He also has a heated shop area where he can store his semi, because he is a truck driver, and his Bobcat equipment.

“These homes are cheaper to build and those who build them want to have a heated shop or a big man cave area outside of the house, so that is a lot of it, I believe,” Scott said.

Scott said he had heard about barn-style homes and drew up his plans for the home that he said provides convenience.

“You can dream up anything and come up with anything for the barn-style home,” Scott said.

He said it is cheaper on taxes instead of having a house with a separate barn.

Doug Prigge and his wife, Jill, are building a barn style home in Hamler in Henry County at E-489 county Road 10A. He is owner of New Concept Realty.

“These type of houses are becoming more and more popular, and it’s a great way to utilize space and is more cost effective in terms of square footage,” Prigge said.

The groundbreaking for the home was in April with plans for the Prigge couple to move in Spring 2019.

The home will include a shop that is heated and can store a boat and camper with a kitchenette in the shop. It is a two bedroom, two bathroom home with a kitchen and family room, and a loft is being constructed upstairs that provides extra space for guests.

“A friend of mine put up a barn-style home and we really liked them,” Prigge said. The benefit of the home, according to Prigge, is a design concept that is easily accessible with a shop area that leads to a bathroom.

The home’s frame is made of wood and the entire outside of the home and the roof is made of steel.

“When this is finished, you will walk inside the home and not know you are in a metal building,” Prigge said. The home will be finished just like a regular house and will have drywall and ceilings.

From a construction standpoint, it is less expensive to put up the shell of the home, and he said it is a trend where people are looking to maximize on space and convenience where they can walk out of their home into a work space and entertaining area.

Other benefits of the home are it being less expensive to heat and lower maintenance on the outside of the home because there won’t be any exposed wood, with everything being either steel or composite material.

“In 20 to 25 years, you don’t have to worry about replacing the roof or residing windows,” Prigge said.

Barn-Style Homes Market

Grace Mangas, a realtor at New Concept Realty in Hamler, said the barn-style home provides comfort for people.

“People like the openness of them, and with the newer barn homes, they can build a shop as well as a living area in them,” Mangas said.

She said the style make good homes for families because there is room for bedrooms.

Mangas is the realtor for a barn-style home that is for sale at 8981 state Route 613 in Leipsic. Leo Schroeder’s father, Robert, built the home in 1977 and passed away in 2017.

The two-story home has three bedrooms and a full adjoining bath on the main level. There also is a second bathroom, kitchen, family room and dining room. On the second level, there is a work space area with an old farm house style sink and. There also are two bedrooms on the second level with a bathroom. The home also has a garage.

“He build the home because Ohio winters are cold, and it doesn’t take much to heat or cool the home,” Schroeder said.

The barn-style homes are economical and there is not direct weather on the exterior of the home with the barn-style providing protection between the roof and the walls.

Lima resident Bob Trent is pictured outside his barn style home that is under construction that will provide a living space for he and his wife and a place to store his RV in a shop area.

Doug Prigge stands outside his home in Hamler in Henry County that he is building complete with a heated shop area to store his boat and a living space for he and his wife.

Leo Schroeder stands next to his realtor Grace Mangas at a Leipsic barn style home that his father built that is currently for sale.

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