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Fixing Basement Cracks

Posted on 12 January, 2017 by James B. Adkins
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nigeriabusinessfile.com -Fixing Basement Cracks Fixing Cracks in Concrete. Larger stress cracks occur when a house settles or the ground beneath it shifts. These types of cracks typically don't threaten the structural integrity of the house, but they do create an entry point for groundwater, insects and radon gas. Here, we'll show you a simple, effective way to patch cracks in poured- concrete walls.

When To Start Worrying

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Flexispan® Crack Repair For Leaking Basement WallsSource: www.basementsystems.com

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Basement Floor Cracks Repair In MichiganSource: www.drymich.com

Fixing Basement Cracks d basement wall. Cracked basement walls. You can't handle this cracked wall by simply filling the crack and finishing off the basement. If you only had the stair-step cracks, you could go ahead with your basement finish work, because that type of crack is a normal sign of settling. Stair-step cracks may cause cracks in other walls above or a door to rub,

Fixing cracks in basement floors. Fixing Cracks in Basement Floors. These cracks are part of the natural drying process for concrete. As it dries, the concrete begins to shrink. The stress released by the shrinking process causes the cracks. A good contractor will take measures to do as much as possible to eliminate the potential for cracks in a foundation,

Basement floor crack repair. Top 9 Home Energy Suckers. Most often a basement floor crack is a result of wear and tear. But if you notice a heavily cracked area or a crack that runs parallel to the foundation, then the issue may be the result of structural damage. Start by removing debris, such as loose pieces of concrete that may be wedged within the crack.

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